How Users Can Earn Loyalty Points in ERC World's Loyalty Program

The ERC World NFT Marketplace and Its Loyalty Program

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ERC World

July 20, 2024 

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ERC World is a thriving NFT marketplace that continually seeks to enhance user experience and engagement through innovative reward mechanisms. One of the key features of the ERC World platform is its continuous Loyalty system, designed to reward users for their participation in various activities on the platform. This system is tailored to ensure that every interaction within the NFT marketplace is beneficial for the users.

Earning Loyalty Points on ERC World

The Loyalty system in ERC World operates in a straightforward yet rewarding manner. Here’s how users can earn points and reap the benefits:

Platform Participation: Users accumulate points based on their level of participation on the platform. This participation includes activities such as referrals, minting and listing NFTs, purchasing NFTs, providing liquidity, and completing specific missions.

Weight of Participation: The total points from various categories contribute to the user's participation weight. This weight determines the proportion of rewards a user receives from the daily reward pools.

Daily Rewards: Each day, users receive a portion of the rewards from the pools, proportional to their participation weight.

Categories of User Contribution

Referrals: Inviting new users to join ERC World earns you points.

Minting and Listing NFTs: Creating and listing NFTs on the ERC World marketplace adds to your points tally.

Purchasing NFTs: Buying NFTs on the platform is another way to accumulate points.

Liquidity: Providing liquidity to the platform is rewarded with points.

Completing Missions: Engaging in platform-specific missions designed to enhance interaction and activity.

 The exciting part of this loyalty program is the ability to convert earned loyalty points into ERCW tokens, adding a tangible benefit to user participation. For more detailed information on how many loyalty points can be earned from each activity, users can refer to the ERC World token economy whitepaper page dedicated to the Loyalty system.

Reward Pools and Distribution

ERC World motivates its users through a reward pool system. Here’s how it works:

 Governance Proposals: The governance body proposes specific actions that will be rewarded and determines the exact incentive levels.

Loyalty Program Allocation: Initially, all rewards are allocated to the loyalty program.

Fixed Supply Reward Pool: Rewards are distributed from a predetermined supply reward pool.

Rewards are distributed based on epochs, which are 14-day reward distribution periods. This is further detailed in the reward section.

Join the Loyalty Members on Discord

Join our loyalty members community in the ERC World’s Discord channel to stay updated on the latest developments, interact with fellow users, and maximize your rewards.

 By participating in the ERC World NFT marketplace, users not only engage in buying, selling, and interacting within the crypto ecosystem but also earn loyalty points that can be converted into ERCW tokens. This comprehensive system ensures that every interaction on the platform is rewarded, making ERC World one of the best NFT marketplaces for active crypto enthusiasts.


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